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Brand Interpretation
Logo - with two letters Z overlap as the center, hexagon as the framework, the focus of the metal processing industry attributes, blue is the dominant color, on behalf of vitality, professional, capable
Chinese - China foundry science and technology: lead China foundry industry to create scientific and technological innovation enterprises
English——Intelligent casting:Intelligent casting, China casting technology is committed to creating China's intelligent casting production industry group
  • GOAL
    Committed to become an excellent intelligent
    manufacturer of precision parts
    Good faith,creation,
    profession, pragmatic
    Focus on Precision Intelligent Manufacturing
    Sharing Scientific and Technological Achievements
    Quality is the foundation of survival, innovation is the way to development, and win-win cooperation is the base
This figure is based on the business application scenario of
zhongzhu technologyScrolls of a 3D ecological industrial park constructed,

Blue sea green grassland embodies the concept of ecological and environmental protection industry,
The scrolls reflect the continuous development of the business of China casting technology.
There is also future expansion and extension.

Main application scenarios covering several business systems of base station communication industry and
high-end equipment industry of high (underground) railway station, interspersed with technical engineers wearing hard hats

As an interconnecting common factor and element, it expresses the ubiquity of the cast brand.
To provide zero-distance products and services for users in various industries,
"market-oriented"Customer - centered business policy.
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